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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
Why Lithuania

Many find organizing of the conferences, events, seminars quite a burden, but even more challenges are excepted when doing so in a foreign country. A number of worries appear with this great task at hand. It involves concerns about the quality of the venue, taste of the food, technology, not to mention cultural or language barriers and sometimes - the time difference. However, with modern conference venues, constant efforts to meet high customer demands and tech-savvy Lithuanians there are only trivial matters left to worry about.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Lithuania for your upcoming meeting, conference or event. Still the same one remains throughout the years. The people who work in this field and develop conference tourism in Lithuania understand that every event is important so great effort is put into meeting every customer’s need and, if possible, surpass your expectations. That is why growing number of entrepreneurs from around the world chose Lithuania as their venue.


The recently-renovated airport of Vilnius is basically in the middle of Europe; moreover, it is comfortably placed just minutes away from the country capital’s centre, which is today is a rare thing. The other two international airports are not far behind and offer quick access to key European destinations within two- or three-hour flights. There are 17 scheduled flight airlines at the moment that operate in Lithuania such as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Austrian, SAS Scandinavian, and many others. It is easy to reach Lithuania whether by plane, a cruise, a car or a train. As a member of European Union, Lithuania is part of Schengen zone, which proves to simplify travelling. Good road infrastructure and focus on safety of all traffic participants allow for effortless navigation within the country.


We understand the necessity of green and ecological approach within modern buildings. That is why owners integrate contemporary ideas in the venues they are building. We work with an ambition to stay ahead of technological innovation and the successful practice of western meeting venues. It is no surprise that everyone in Lithuania can enjoy some of the highest Internet speeds in the world – globally ranked 1st in public Wi-Fi – as a result of the suitable geographical location and all the innovations the country introduced regarding fibre optic connection.


Even though a majority of biggest conference sites are in Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipėda, there are boutique hotels, art galleries, palace to suite your needs. However other cities are gaining attention too. Lithuanian resorts and resort areas attract with beauty of the nature, unique venues such as castles, old renovated mansion, parks, orangeries and others. Foreign visitors especially tend to recommend the ones situated in Trakai (very short drive from the capital), accompanied by an open medieval castle, surrounded by remarkable lakes and breath-taking environment for an array of unique group experiences.

High stimulus &
Affordable costs

97% of 25 to 64 years old Lithuanians speak at least one foreign language and rank second in Europe (2017) for knowing foreign languages. Also we are, one of the leading European states in terms of business growth, IT talent, science innovations, higher education rates for young professionals and other significant aspects. Even so, Lithuania still keeps the costs low compared to Western or Northern Europe, making it a very accessible and provident space for absolutely any sort of visit.


Many solid incentive tourism programmes – regarding business and leisure traveling, conference and team building venues, etc. – ensure that individuals and groups are welcome to explore the possibilities which lie in a country that’s proud of its take on contemporary as well as time-tested sectors. The New York Times stated that alongside hip destinations like Barcelona and Copenhagen, Vilnius is “one of the greenest European capitals, has a forward-thinking mentality and is very well-governed”. If that is not enough, Lithuania claims of having unwinding SPA procedures in local resorts, which all have necessary equipment and the needed experts to host visitors interested in incentive events, tours, active outdoor leisure, cultural discoveries, historical sites and so forth.


There is no better way to forget about stress and relax after a day of meetings, than a tour in reservoirs, a slow and relaxing boat ride in a lake or an amber massage. Lithuania is proud of having vast pine scented forests, blue eyed lakes and well preserved parks. So it is easy to surround yourself with peacefulness and enjoy the best meditation that only nature can give you. Take a deep breath of fresh air and recharge for upcoming events.

Lithuania offers a great range of choices for various events – all the way from organising international business conferences in the many inner-city hi-tech meeting centres available to hosting workshops or team building weekends and other relaxing activities in unique venues. We work to make it an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Lithuania is a perfect choice for your event. We offer great food, excellent service, comfortable rooms and close proximity to the local attractions with plenty of opportunities to have fun after work. Enjoy beautiful surroundings, fresh air, high-quality services and high service standards – all at a reasonable price.