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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
Why Lithuania

What makes a country the perfect incentive destination? Guaranteed safety and security for your guests, an abundance of venues to choose from and the impeccable work ethic of its people.

Most countries can deliver on one but not all of these values. But when you choose Lithuania, you get the full package - a relaxing environment with venues ranging from Medieval castles to post-modern architectural wonders and suppliers that know your needs as well as you do.

Easy to
get to

The recently renovated Vilnius International Airport sits in the perfect centre of Europe, meaning that it's easy to get to from both the West and the East. The fact that it is situated just minutes away from Vilnius City centre is an additional bonus. The other two international airports (Kaunas and Palanga) are not far behind and offer quick access to key European destinations within two- or three-hour flights. In total, there are 92 routes operated from Lithuanian airports by such airlines as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Finnair, Brussels Airlines, amongst others. Lithuania is also reachable by regular coach routes from neighbouring Poland and Latvia, with a railway link to Poland having been recently added. As a member of the European Union, Lithuania is part of the Schengen zone, which makes travelling extremely easy.


We understand the necessity of having a green and ecological approach within modern buildings. That is why you'll find most that most new construction projects have contemporary ideas integrated into their design. Lithuanians like to be at the forefront when it comes to applying innovative ideas, and this extends to our office spaces. And visitors need never worry about slow internet connections or poor signals, Lithuania has some of the highest Internet speeds in the world, and it is ranked 1st globally for public Wi-Fi.


Experiences in Lithuania are not limited to one type, as the country provides the perfect mix of wellness-centred, modern and historical locations. There is a wide network of resorts using mineral artesian and geo-thermal water sources, and our wellness centres usually come with conference halls boasting ample accommodation options. Some of the SPAs are already using the trendy workation format to provide corporate clients with unforgettable experiences for their entire teams. For those that want to combine their stay with a little taste of history, a number of historical venues are present in the capital city of Vilnius - dubbed the Athens or the Jerusalem of the North - one can choose from 16th century wine cellars, manors and church halls. The jewel in Vilnius' crown, Vilnius University, is not only the region's oldest university, but also one of the city's best conference hosts. But Lithuania is much more than the sum of its capital or resorts. Monasteries, castles, manors and villas are scattered - like pieces of amber on a pristine beach - across the 4 historical ethnographic regions of Lithuania. These beautiful and historic buildings are ready to play host to conferences, workshops and gala-style events. One of the most exquisite venues is the medieval castle of Trakai, situated on a lush green island in the middle of a lake. And due to the country's compact size and high-quality roads, journeys to even the most remote locations take an hour or less. Mixing urban treats with natural delights is what Lithuania is all about.

High stimulus &
Affordable costs

97% of 25 to 64 years old Lithuanians speak at least one foreign language and rank second in Europe (2017) for foreign language knowledge. Lithuania is also one of the leading European states in terms of business growth, IT talent, science innovation, higher education rates for young professionals. Even with this in mind, Lithuania still keeps costs low compared to Western or Northern Europe, making it an easily reachable and fantastic option for any visit.

Experiences that

In addition to this wide range of venues and locations, Lithuania offers a rich set of authentic experiences. Outdoors-lovers can enrich their visit with a kayak trip downstream or a hike in Lithuania's primordial forests. Those into crafts can get their hands dirty with traditional clay-making techniques or create their own jewellery out of amber - the Baltic gold. And for the more adventurous, it's possible to "fish" for amber on the coast. Lithuanian cuisine is also experiencing a renaissance, with the nation's top restaurateurs competing to create a new Lithuanian cuisine using local products and age-old recipes, all with a modern spin. If you ever thought kohlrabi and honey didn't mix, our chefs will prove you wrong. To experience a culinary revolution in the making, visitors can simply open the "30 best Lithuanian restaurants" guide and choose from a selection of gourmet experiences.


There is no better way to forget your stress after a day of meetings, than to take a slow and relaxing boat ride on one of Lithuania's glacial lakes, or an amber massage from one of the country's many spas. Lithuania is proud of its vast pine scented forests, blue eyed lakes and well-preserved parks. So, it is easy to surround yourself with peacefulness and enjoy the kind of meditative experience that only nature can give you. Take a deep breath of fresh air and recharge yourself.

Lithuania offers a great range of choices for a variety of events - covering everything from the organising of international business conferences in the many hi-tech meeting centres available to the hosting of workshops or team building weekends and other relaxing activities in unique venues. We work to make it an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Lithuania is a perfect choice for your event. We offer great food, excellent service, comfortable rooms and close proximity to local attractions, with plenty of opportunities to have fun after work. Enjoy beautiful surroundings, fresh air, high-quality services and high service standards - all at a reasonable price.