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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Utena is a city in Northeast Lithuania, 97 km from Vilnius and 134 km from Kaunas. Traditionally, the city is known as an industrial city popular for its clothing, food, and beverages. Recently, the city has been reconstructed to become more attractive for recreation and tourism.
Information about the city

Utena city is surrounded by many cultural, nature, and historic monuments that are important tourist attraction sites. There are heritage objects that survived wars and symbolize the unique ethnographic history of the city and the region. Scenic and panoramic views attract tourist in City Garden, Dauniškis Park, and Krašuona Park. Those who visit these parks and gardens can engage in plenty of social and sporting activities.

A great viewing spectacle awaits tourists and visitors in a Museum of Regional Studies in the city of Utena where exhibitions of historic relics and tools are done. The annually held trotter racing organized during the summer in Rašė hippodrome with its unique and very exciting nature attracts people from all over Lithuania and other countries.

There are numerous tourist attraction sites to tour within the city of Utena such as regional parks, reserves, mounds, folk art objects, and beautiful old estates. It is an eco-friendly and modern city that supports tourism through industries and innovations. The city boasts of a robust infrastructure system and a pleasant natural environment, which act as incentives for tourists and guests. Therefore, Utena City is an ideal location to visit for purposes of relaxing and also for conducting conferences in a serene environment.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Utena Stone

The Utena Stone is a unique feature of the city as it is an accredited archaeological monument. The stone is distinguished by its naturally formed bowl shape and is a landmark of the city.


The backbone of the Utena city is the many industries that were established a long time ago. This feature is very unique to the city as it distinguishes it from many other cities and towns in Lithuania. This aspect makes it appealing for visitors who might be interested in organizing events and holding conferences.

Pure Lakes

Utena City boasts of several large and small pure lakes that are surrounded by hills, ravines, and forests. The lakes are a big tourist attraction to the city because of the panoramic view. The lakes include the longest lake in Lithuania known as Aisetas Lake and Alaušas Lake which is an attraction for nature-loving tourists.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Utena tourism information centre

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