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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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It’s a city with rich history and a resort area status just 28 km west of the capital Vilnius. Trakai capture attention during all seasons of the year with Trakai Castle, unique history, food, and beautiful landscapes. It is a brilliant oasis to organize meetings and rest from the hustle and bustle of the capital city.
Information about the city

All year round Trakai resort area is bustling with activity where visitors enjoy high-quality services in local hotels and restaurants. They indulge in health procedures, visit concerts and cultural attractions at the same time witnessing glorious architecture of the past coexisting together with remarkable water bodies. Situated between three lakes, Trakai is popularly known for its picturesque Trakai Castle. This fortress stands proudly surrounded by water in the middle of the lake Galvė. It was built in 14th-15th century it is the only one of its kind in Europe.

There are a number of historical sites in this resort area that attract people to travel from all over Lithuania and the rest of Europe. Visitors explore sites such as Trakai Historical National Park, Trakai History Museum, or the Trakai Peninsula Castle. Additionally, in the history museum visitors can see breath-taking exhibition of many historical relics and enjoy the music performance and festivals held in the yard of the castle.

Individual orientated educational and sightseeing tours are popular pastime activities. Tourists venture around wooden dwelling houses, visit scenic Užutrakio Mansion, or the Karaite house of worship called Kenesset. Guests can try exotic entertainment such sailing on aero-boat, horse riding, and paragliding. The famous Karaite national kybyn dish is also available for the tourists and guests to taste and enjoy.

Close proximity to the capital and resort area status rise high standards for local hotels and conference venues. Conferences, business meetings and seminars of various kind take place in modern accommodation facilities that boast of having professional teams to guarantee unproblematic experience/ event. Venues are well equipped and have air conditioning systems, Wi-Fi, high resolution projectors and screens, multimedia, audio/video technology.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Trakai Island Castle

The Trakai Island Castle is the one and only castle in Eastern Europe that is surrounded by water on all four sides. There are spectacular exhibitions of ancient tools, clothes, and furniture at the castle.

Concerts and Festivals

Trakai is also unique for its numerous music, theatre, and festivities that are organized frequently to bring people together in fun and partying. The panoramic view of the lake as people enjoy the soothing music also adds to the special treat for the visitors.

Aquatic Tourism

Water transport through rented yachts, boats or pedal boats make viewing of the breath-taking scenery at the resort even better. Accompanied by tour guides and experienced captains, the visitors are able to explore the natural beauty of the resort. These tours are perfect for incentive programs participants to make unforgettable memories. The well-developed water tourism also makes it possible for the tourists and guests to completely circle the castle using SUPs.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Trakai Tourism Information Centre

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