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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Radviliškis town is located in the central part of Lithuania, 123 km from Kaunas and 190 km from the capital, Vilnius. The city emerged as an important railway junction which is the main artery of the history and development of the town.
Information about the city

Radviliškis has almost a 500-year history that visitors can get acquainted with. What is even more fascinating is the fact that this region has places which date to even older ages. The town was established in the 16th century and was governed by famous Lithuanian noble family Radvilas.

The town of Radviliškis also is proud of having up to 10 nature reserves and 8 preserved parks that offer visitors and tourists a chance to witness the spectacular views from the ground or from one of the view points. Additionally, the region is heavily forested and has a peatland which gives it a unique and appealing flora and fauna views. The town is also famous for its beautiful and interesting touristic attraction sites such as the Daugyvenė museum-reserve of cultural history and the breath-taking manors of Šeduva, Raudondvaris, Baisogala, and Burbiškis. Burbiškis is one of the most popular attractions with a statue park, large enclosed courtyard, icehouse and the biggest Tulip festival in Lithuania. All these sites attract tourists who come to explore and experience the history of the city and the beautiful nature around it.

Radviliškis is very friendly and hospitable to guests and tourists, welcoming different people to visit or organize a conference, business meetings or seminars in local venues. There are also a lot of traditional and incentives events that visitors can engage in with the local people for outdoor leisure and fun. There are several festivals such as the convivial Shrove Tuesday in Kleboniškis village, the traditional town’s birthday festival held annually, the horse show jumping competition, folk festivals, and the festival of tulips. These festivals are usually a good source of entertainment for the visitors and give them a chance to learn about the local cultures and practices.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Traditional Festivals

One of the unique features of the Radviliškis city is the numerous cultural and traditional festivals such as the festival of tulips that are organized and held every year in the city. These festivals are usually a major tourist attraction to the city.

Agricultural Traditions

The city of Radviliškis is also unique in the sense that despite being a city, it heavily depends on the agriculture unlike most other cities that are relying on manufacturing and service industries instead. There is even a research institute within the town where research on cattle breeding is done.

Riding horses

After long meeting or intensive training session Radviliškis invites its guest to the equestrian riding base in Raudondvaris which was founded in 1982. There are tournaments, competitions and horse show programs that are organized in the base. Traditional equestrian sports competitions such as „Kalėdinė taurė“ (Christmas Cup) and Lithuanian equestrian championship of special Olympics take place in here and welcomes visitors to enjoy the show.

Radviliškis Tourism Information Centre

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