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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Prienai is a city situated by the Nemunas River in the southern Lithuania. The city is only 30 km from Kaunas and around 100 km away from the capital Vilnius. The natural environment around the small city is its greatest treasure that attracts people from bigger cities and even from abroad to go and have a rest there.
Information about the city

Prienai has been known since 16th century. Those who visit the city familiarize with its rich history, culture and leave a little bit spiritually richer. Located on the bank of Nemunas river this city sits on the border of two ethnographic regions of Lithuania, so visitors get to experience a mix of both.

Prienai is a very popular tourist destination among aviation, parachuting and skydiving enthusiasts. The city hosts Parachutists Sport Club and the Center of Aviation Constructors Federation that serve as the main tourist attractions in Prienai. In addition, the city is proud of being home to the wooden church of Visitation of Christ, a regional museum, a central Freedom Square, a monument for the Grand Duke of Lithuania, and a beautiful town park. All these beautiful places are free for the guests and tourists to visit and explore while in the city.

Prienai city also attracts tourists of professional nature seeking to find peaceful locations for holding conventions and conferences or one-day trainings. Local conference venues host events of national or local importance, also accommodating international attendees. Meeting spaces have air-conditioning, natural daylight lighting, the latest audio-visual equipment and offer services to meet visitor’s needs. The city welcomes both Lithuanian and foreign companies to celebrate, train, learn, and relax.

To recharge after an intense day of trainings, Prienai can offer activities for visitors to relax, build their team spirit, and enhance teamwork. Visitors can engage in active outdoor activities such as fishing trips, kayaking, and top it off with a good local cuisine meal.

Exploration of the unique environment in Prienai can also be a great source of relaxation for the guests. Visiting the Nemunas Bends Regional Park, the scenic valleys, fascinating loops of the river, and the spectacular surrounding forests are very encouraged for a full Prienai experience.

Interesting facts and some useful information
SPA Services

Tourists can relax and unwind at a local SPA. Various medical and wellness treatments are available for visitors. They indulge in curative baths, therapeutic mud and beauty treatments, wellness programs, Day or Weekend SPA services. Good massage and natural curative resources such as mud and local herbs make a business trip a lot more relaxing and tension-free.

Napoleon Hat Mound

The Napoleon Hat Mound is a unique feature of the Prienai city and is heavily linked to the historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte. This makes it a tourist attraction site where people come from the larger cities to get inspired by the nature, history, and humor generated around the iconic figure.


The frequent parachutist jumps is a phenomenal aspect of the city. Visitors can be entertained by watching them land, or they can even skydive themselves to create wonderful memories and get a good dose of adrenaline. If skydiving is not your cup of tea then guests can also enjoy flights with a motorless plane - a glider, and enjoy the panorama without any motor noise.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
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