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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Panevėžys is self-titled capital of Aukštaitija region and is strategically situated at the crossroad of several significant roads. It is an easy to reach cultural and industrial centre of the region which is just 137 km from Vilnius city and 130 km from Kaunas.
Information about the city

Panevėžys greets its visitors with its unique atmosphere. The city has urban landscape, well maintained parks, administrative and cultural centres, cathedral and historical sites. The main sightseeing areas in this city include the Narrow Gauge Railway, Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre, Senvagė (the old riverbed) and Laisvės square. That is famous for its craft workshops and art galleries. All these are in harmony with the adjacent wooden houses, Main Square, popular shopping and entertainment places, banks, outdoor cafes, and markets.

The various places in the city are easily accessible because the city is compact, not too crowded and rarely has traffic jams. Individuals attending conferences have a good feeling of proximity and can concentrate easily. Panevėžys is well-governed and keeps a reputation for being a clean and green city. At the same time remaining an important industrial spot and local centre for quality-oriented businesses people.

To fully appreciate the architecture and beautiful nature of the area guests visit old manors, local museums, and regional parks in the district. Krekenava Regional Park, Book Smugglers' and Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas Museum, The Bistrampolis Estate are a few of them. When meetings are held in the city, attendees usually take a tour to visit these tourist attractions.

Panevėžys city visitors enjoy professional conference services, while also having access to free high-speed Wi-Fi and free parking. The venues are surrounded by a combination of trendy restaurants, bars and a beautiful serene environment. The venues also have a high ratio of price and quality.

Panevėžys offers cultural attractions. Treasures of ceramic works have been accumulated at the city’s Art Gallery while the Local Lore Museum is famous for its collection of world insects. In addition to arts, visitors can sit in one of the coziest cafés in Laisvės square, the heart of the city and listen to music in the so-called singing square. Visitors get the opportunity to listen to live music that Brass Orchestra „Garsas“ organizes.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Location & Accessibility

It is easy to reach Panevėžys as the city is strategically situated at the crossroads of several significant roads and connected to Vilnius by a highway. The city is also served by a train that runs from Rokiškis to Šiauliai. Although the city has no commercial airport, it benefits significantly from the three international airports that are within 150 km radius. The fees at the local hotels and conference facilities are relatively lower than in the capital.


Panevėžys city has a number of theatres, events, and famous artists. Some of the famous events in this city include Shrove Tuesday, Festival of Chamber Performances, and International Folk Dance Festival. These events are held in J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, Menas Theatre, and Cinema Centre. Famous artists usually grace these events, especially those that occur during summer. Visitors can unwind at the events while at the same time learning about the local culture.

History and art

The city has a number of sculptures, monuments and other artistic works that were created to commemorate historical facts. One of them is a granite monument of the Great Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland – Alexander. On his palm, the Great Duke gently holds the St. Peter and Paul’s church which symbolizes the beginning of Panevėžys city. As the documents state Alexander gifted Panevėžys territory and ordered to build a church there.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Panevėžys Tourism Information Centre

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