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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Palanga is a Lithuanian seaside resort town that is situated along the shore of the Baltic Sea. The city has sandy beaches and dunes that attract tourists from all over Lithuania and the rest of Europe. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and is located 300 km from Vilnius, 212 km from Kaunas, and only 35 km from Klaipėda.
Information about the city

The uniqueness of Palanga as a resort town lies in its white sand beaches and incredible dunes. It is also unique in the sense that it can be the best spot in the country for a peaceful experience or a joyous party zone depending on the season. In the summer, travellers from within the country and abroad visit the resort town for partying, concerts and sea, while in the winter visitors can take comfort in the peaceful wonderland of the resort.

Visitors of Palanga are offered a wide range of services that include entertainment, treatment procedures, seaside tourism and excellent accommodation and conference facilities. The guests can visit the Palanga Amber Museum where amber from all over the world is exhibited. The expansive Palanga Botanical Park is also available for pleasurous exploration and landscape gazing. Additionally, the resort has the unique pedestrian Basanavičiaus Street where guests can experience the relief of long walks. Moreover, there is a great supply of restaurants and bars within the resort where visitors can enjoy concerts and sporting events while also enjoying local drinks.

Palanga is an excellent destination for visitors with intentions of holding conferences and conventions because of the wide range of hotels available in the resort. The hotels provide enough room for meetings, current and modern conference facilities, and offer an amplitude of accommodation for both small and large groups. Additionally, the hotels in Palanga charge fair rates and give the guests a wide range of latest culinary trends and cuisines to choose from. Some hotels have customized leisure facilities such as SPAs, Roman pool with mineral water, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, gym, steam bath, and sauna. All those services take advantage of the natural therapeutic remedies found in the area and the wonderful natural landscape surrounding Palanga.

Most of the hotels in the resort town can be easily accessed via the Palanga International Airport and the Klaipėda Port. The town is also secure and emergency services are readily available in case of any sicknesses or accidents.

Interesting facts and some useful information

The prevailing climatic conditions and the surrounding environment in Palanga are suitable in aiding bodily recovery from long ailments and stress. The panoramic views and the landscape aid further in giving the visitors the much-needed rest while the serene environment is perfect for a personal or group meditation session.

International Access

The Palanga International Airport is a unique feature of the resort town as one of the few cities in Lithuania that can receive tourists from abroad directly. The airport eases access to the town from any country, especially those in Europe such as Norway, Poland, and Denmark among others.

All-purposes Resort Town

Palanga has the unique feature of being both a popular destination during summer for partying and vacationing and also a destination during other seasons for quiet conferences and conventions. The town is one of the most popular resorts in Lithuania and welcomes everyone, whether in large or small groups to hold conferences or conventions.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Palanga Tourism Information Centre

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