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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Jurbarkas town is in the south west of Lithuania, located 189 km from the capital Vilnius and 85 km and from Kaunas. The city's district interests its visitors with beautiful nature but most of all its historical castles and estates.
Information about the city

Jurbarkas city is situated in the south west of Lithuania. Jurbarkas is situated on confluence of three rivers and is on the right bank of the Nemunas river. The origin of the city can be traced back to the 13th century when it was mentioned in a chronicle by a Teutonic order priest because the crusaders built the Georgenburg castle there. This was only the beginning of the long and rich history of Jurbarkas. Visitors of the city can get a glimpse of Jurbarkas’ history by visiting its famous renaissance–style castles, manors and their parks. The visitors can also observe fragments of the defensive line of the Nemunas that date back to the Lithuanian Crusades of 13th-15th centuries.

Tourist visit Seredžius, Veliuona, and Jurbarkas mounds that formed part of the defensive wall of the Middle Ages. Other attractions include beautiful Renaissance style buildings such as manor complexes or most visited Panemunė and Raudonė castles. All those tourist attractions are surrounded by flourishing nature and beautiful landscapes. The Panemunė Regional Park was established in order to retain the unique landscape of Nemunas and to preserve its natural ecosystem.

Jurbarkas visitors get access to a unique conference venue - a castle that offers authentic halls and different experience altogether. The facilities transmit both a modern and a traditional feeling to the attendees. Also offering scenic nature views that modern city pales in comparison. Incentive programs are organized and offer relaxation and better teamwork opportunities.

Jurbarkas city is an ancient city with a rich history and beautiful landscapes. The city has unique historical features and many leisure activities for relaxing and having fun. Therefore, it is a perfect place for conferences , convention or other events.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Historical Sites tours

There is only one way to visit these unique historical sites. Take an educational tour with professional guide visiting the mount Palemonas, Veliuona archeological mounds complex, manors and castles. A visit to local museums such as Jurbarkas region historical museum, Memorial Museum of Sculptor Vincas Grybas gives better understanding of Lithuanian culture.

Recreational Activities

Conference attendees can relax their minds and participate in team-building activities. Jurbarkas offer cruising with a boat, canoeing, fishing, riding with horses, archery and kart racing. The visitors can also enjoy a nice bicycle ride along the Nemunas river.

Unique venue

Panemunės castle was built in 17th century and is still standing today. The facility is used for various events and gives them style and unique atmosphere of ancient times. The castle was renovated and luxuriously equipped. Visitors enjoy beautiful scenery that is visible through windows of conference halls.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Jurbarkas Tourism Information Centre

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