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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Biržai is one of the cities in Northern Lithuania located 209 km North from Vilnius, near the border with Latvia. This city has more than 500 years of history, rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscape. It meets visitors with welcoming atmosphere and beverages from local breweries.
Information about the city

Biržai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania and has been an important Northern stronghold in the past. Today it is a place with rich history and strong traditions; a town where people of various religious beliefs coexist, and a home of the world’s strongest man. This city is not only proud of the strength of its people but also of its beer. Lithuanians often consider this region’s beer as the best and strongest in the country.

The city offers visitors attractions such as historical sites, museums, sinkholes, a view tower and much more. Visitors in Biržai get access to unique venues one of them being the Biržai Castle. Biržai Castle was built by family of Duke Radvila and today hosts a public library, conference halls, gallery and a museum. Its visitors enjoy various expositions like the one displaying authentic furniture dating back to17th-18th centuries. The beautiful Dutch-style fortress was used to defend Lithuania’s borders. Companies are invited to host seminars, celebrate achievements, train employees, and participate in team building activities at this unique venue.

Right next to the castle there is the oldest artificial lake in Lithuania, called Širvėna. This lake separates Biržai from Astravas Mansion, but the longest Lithuanian footbridge across a lake connects the two shores of the lake. The neoclassical, Italian-style Astravas Mansion was built in 19th century and is one of the most beautiful manors of Romantic era in Lithuania. Also a major part of the city has a regional park status which was given to preserve the region’s landscape, ecosystem, and cultural heritage. This was aimed at ensuring proper maintenance and sustainability of the landscape.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Historical buildings

Most of the facilities in Biržai are traditional buildings. These facilities have been renovated to suit the modern world but their cultural taste has been retained. These include a castle, a manor, and a museum. These places are rich with cultural and historical heritage.

Unique and traditional breweries

Biržai is well known for having the traditional homemade beer. The city has unique breweries that make the beer honouring traditions. If you ask locals, they will tell you that it is the strongest beer in Lithuania. City guests are welcome to try ‘Beer route’ tours to the breweries and have tour guides to tell a lot about various local beverages.

Activities for incentive programmes

Biržai welcomes guests to participate in quite a number of events throughout the year. Educational tours, excitement at the aero club, water tourism, as well as unique team sports are among the popular activities in the city. At the Mantagailiškis mansion´s 20-hectare landscape park visitors can play a hybrid sport called Monteball which was created in 2010 and is a mix of golf and soccer.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues

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Address J. Janonio str. 2, Biržai LT41148
Phone Number +370 4 503 3496