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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Birštonas city is located on the right bank of Nemunas River and is surrounded by Nemunas Loops Regional Park. The city is 90 km from the capital city of Vilnius and only 40 km from the second-largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas.
Information about the city

Birštonas is a scenic resort that welcomes guests with a serene, relaxing and a quiet environment suitable for meetings, conferences, and deliberations because of its surroundings of pine forests and the Nemunas River.

The city offers visitors an access to plenty of supplies for conference venues with state-of-the-art equipment and wireless Internet access. The conference halls are spacious and can accommodate different sizes of groups. Additionally, the windows of the halls open to the incredible panoramic view of the Nemunas River.

The city has a Cultural Center that hosts festivals, exhibitions, premieres, and many other diverse activities that would appeal to visitors. Birštonas provides incredible tourist sites such as the Mineral Water Graduation Tower, Mineral Water Pavilion, and the Kneipp Garden that offers the visitors an opportunity for relaxing and mental relief. The modern SPAs within the vicinity of the city and the numerous outdoor and cultural activities add to the long list of unique features of the city.

The experience of staying at the local hotels is enriched by the the gifts of nature such as the river, mineral water springs, and a pleasing climate. All these recreational services and touristic sites offer an enabling environment for visitors who might be interested in team building activities, bonding, and trust building. Those activities facilitate a better performance both individually and collectively as a unit.

Moreover, the pricing of the services and goods within the city is well adjusted and pocket friendly as visitors are able to get quality for their money. The conference venues offer special packages, especially to large groups of visitors and above all, put the safety and well-being of the visitors and tourists first.

Birštonas is a destination for tourists and professionals who understand how important it is to have an adequate distribution of relaxation and work while holding conferences and conventions. It is a modern day city with unlimited access to all essential services in a serene environment.

Interesting facts and some useful information

The history of Birštonas dates back to the 14th century where it was first referred to as “a homestead at salty water”. Prominent men in Lithuania such as dukes were among the early vacationers to the city in the 14-16th centuries. Birštonas obtained its city rights in 1529 and was made a city in 1966. However, the resort was founded as early as 1846 and people of Russian, Polish, and Lithuanian descent visited the health centers in the city for its mineral water and curative mud applications. The city gradually progressed into a hub for tourism, culture, and relaxation.

Awarded Mineral Water

The bromine-rich mineral water found in the resort has been officially recognized and awarded in Europe which is a source of pride for the city. The numerous deep springs within the resort offer the locals and visitors an opportunity to taste the water from different places in the city such as from the pump-room in the Vytautas Park. The mineral water can also be found bottled locally and internationally in stores and retail centers under the trade names of Vytautas or Birute.

Spas Relaxation

The resort has of a number of SPAS that additionally to offering the obvious medicinal functions, also provide guests and visitors with an excellent form of relaxation and wellness procedures. Full body massages, sauna, swimming pools, yoga, and physical fitness are just some of the procedures that visitors can enjoy while at the resort.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Birštonas Tourism Information Centre

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