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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Šiauliai, often labelled as the city of the Sun, is the fourth largest city in Lithuania. Located in the North of the country, it is 210 km away from Kaunas and 186 km away from Vilnius. The city is situated at the junction of two roads that connect Estonia, Poland and Latvia.
Information about the city

Šiauliai celebrates the city of the title to the fullest. There are seven sites that rejoice the sun. One of them is a sun watch, which can be found on The Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral which is referred to as a renaissance masterpiece. This beautiful building can be seen from a far due to its 70 meters’ tower, which is actually the tallest in Lithuania. Another has an entire square dedicated to count the time, with a golden boy statue on the top of the hour pointer. Right in the middle of the city centre stands an authentic statue of the ancient “bird of the sun” that sings its song in sixteen different languages. These are just a few of the symbols that are scattered around the city and there are even more interesting facts to learn about during educational tour.

The city also attracts tourists with its many historical landmarks, unique architectural works, and museums. City’s pedestrian boulevard is decorated with unique sculptures and shops, cafés and bars along it. Some of the notable interesting places include the Photography Museum, the Hill of Crosses, the Bicycle Museum, the Cat Museum, the Iron Fox, Chocolate Museum, Zaliukiai Miller’s Homestead and others.

Šiauliai is a right choice for a conference venue with a serene and quiet environment that gives room for concentration and meditation. The surroundings of the venues impact on the conference proceedings positively. The environment gives the conference attendees a relaxed mind that may enhance work efficiency. Also various services are offered which include audio visual equipment rent, accommodation, banquet, and parking space for meeting attendees. The recreational activities offered by these conference venues are used by planners to give meeting attendants a break from the day’s program or team-building.

Incentive events are organized in the city or in the district’s unique venues for team-building purposes and relaxation. Tours to historical places are arranged to give a better understand Lithuania’s culture and history. Recreation activities include commercial hunting expeditions, horseback riding, ice-skating, paintball, bowling, kart races, laser tag, adventure parks and many others. Various cultural events take place in multifunctional Šiaulių Arena complex and Drama theatre.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Meeting customer’s needs

Šiauliai city has facilities to offer for visitors who are planning to organize conferences or meetings. Small, medium and large events can be arranged, due to various venues’ options depending on the number of attendees and the organizers requirements. An event can be organized in the facilities located in the city or unique venues in the district. There is Šiauliai University Library, Business Incubator, Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Šiauliai State College, and Lithuanian Business College.


Šiauliai is strategically situated and therefore supports a variety of means of transport. This enables meeting planners to easily access the venues. Moreover, the persons attending meetings have easy access to other attraction sites within the city. In addition, Šiauliai is quite compact so giving directions to meeting attendees is easy. Also, cost of transportation is low. Transportation is also efficient as the roads are good.

Educational tours

Šiauliai city has unique monuments that interest visitors. While visiting the city do not miss a tour to see sculptures of Three Birds, Motherhood, Reading Man, Pelicans, and Three Trolls and Dawn. Or a visit to the Baisogala Manor House, Rūta sweets factory and Žagarė Town or its annual international cherries festival. After a tour enjoy top-notch SPA procedures in some of the local hotels.

Map of Exhibition & Conference centers, Conference Hotels, and Unique Venues
Šiauliai Tourism Information Centre

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