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Lithuania: Meetings Guide
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Varėna is a city located in the Southern region of Lithuania, 81 km from Vilnius and 118 km from Kaunas. The city is known for its highly forested surroundings and the national parks, landmarks, and historic walking areas that make it a popular tourist’s destination.
Information about the city

Varėna City is popular for its fresh pine forests that offer city guests scenic views in a serene environment. There are a number of places that visitors can tour.

Most popular site in the district of Varėna is called the Merkinė Pyramid. It is a unique attraction for both sceptics and believers. Built within a glass dome this place is said to have divine energy and even healing miracles have been reported there. This place is worth a visit just to experience amplified sound effects since the dome serves as an echo chamber.

Guests are also suggested to go on an educational tour through museums, local wooden churches and an ethnographic village. Those who love nature should climb the 26-meter viewpoint where visitors can take a look at the expansive forests of Dzūkija National Park.

Varėna is surrounded by the Dzūkija National Park. It is one of the biggest preserved parks in Lithuania. With 85% covered with forests it stretches for more than 55 thousand hectares. The park has historical, architectural, archaeological monuments, and gladly for locals - tons of wild berries and mushrooms in the fall. Čepkeliai State Strict Nature Reserve, on the other hand, is not as accessible to the berry-pickers. This reserve was established to protect wild nature from human intervention with exception to some observation paths. It is a unique home for more than 4000 species of wild animals and plants.

Tourists and guests interested in outdoor recreation activities can go canoeing down the Merkys, Šalčia, Ūla, Nemunas rivers. Ūla river passes the Zervynos Ethnographic Village where country’s history is just a short stop away. Other activities are available in addition to water tourism. A recently built Varėna Sports Center is the place to be for those who wish to engage in team events and active team-building. There are swimming pools, gyms and saunas. Local cuisine will pleasantly surprise tourists with buckwheat pie, potato pie, white curd cheese, mushroom soup, and the local honey.

Interesting facts and some useful information
Martynas Vainilaitis Museum

Varėna is a home town of multiple well-known individuals who have enriched literature and culture in Lithuania. The museum is a cultural centre named after a famous writer whose legacy is preserved in the museum.

Sand Dunes

The inland sand dunes found along the shores of the lakes and rivers within the district of Varėna are very unique and attract many tourists and guests who travel from all over Lithuania and other parts of the world to come and see them.

Wild Beekeeping Exposition

In this unique exposition where visitors get the opportunity to witness an old-fashioned tree trunk hive apiary and in the neighbouring forest hollows where bees have formed hives. The tourists can see how the bees are taken care of in the hives in the trunks and how the honey and wax are handled.

Tourism Information Office of the Educational centre of Varėna District

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